Asmaaullaahil Husnaa Short Stories, Volume 1.

In this Asmaaullaahil Husnaa Volume 1, there are 11 short stories with the following titles listed below:

Story 1: Allah – ‘Azza Wajalla

Is There A Wall To The Sky?

This story is about an intelligent boy who was wondering about Allah’s Creation. One day, while his father and he were out building a tree house, he saw how majestic and magnificent the sky was. He learnt that the tree house had a wall to hold its roof. So, he looked at the sky and wondered where the wall to the sky was.

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Story 2: Ar-Rahmaan – The Most Loving

Allah Loves You More Than Anyone Else Do.

A touching story about Amirah who had an ailing father. She was so upset when he passed away, and felt devastated. Amirah was also worried about who would be taking care of her and her mother. However, Amirah’s mother assured her daughter that Allah the Most Loving would take care of them and advised her to pray for Allah’s mercy on her father.

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Story 3: Ar-Rahiim – The Most Kind

Allah Loves You Most.

Resolving peer pressure and conflicts? Here is a story about friendship and disputes. Firdaus and Zahid are good friends. However, one day, they had some misunderstanding which escalated into a fight. After the fight, Firdaus felt upset as he was abandoned by his best friend and classmates. He then turned to his mother for comfort. Read on to find out what his mother’s advice was.

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Story 4: As-Samii’ – The All Hearing

Allah Can Hear Every Beat Of Your Heart.

Have you ever experienced that relieved feeling upon escaping a near death situation? This story centers around Bushra who made a mistake of pretending to be drowning while swimming in the deep sea. Her father was mad at her when he found out about her prank. In this story, Bushra discovers that Allah Hears her prayer by saving her life from being drowned. 

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Story 5: Al-Basiir – The All Seeing

Allah Is Watching You All The Time.

When no one is around, Allah is always watching over us. This is the main theme in this story. It unfolds the secret of a boy who stole his friend’s things. One day, Allah sent his mother and teacher to guide him against his bad habits.

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Story 6: Ar-Razzaaq – The Ultimate Provider

Why Are The Fishes Hiding?

It was the school vacation and Ishaq visited his grandpa in the village. There he followed his grandpa to the sea to fish. While he was hoping to see many fishes in the net, there were only a few fishes. So, he asked why weren’t there more?

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Story 7: Ar-Razzaaq – The One Who Keeps You Safe

I Am Scared.

Faisal enjoyed playing computer games. He was always trying to beat the monster in his game until he forgot to perform his solah. One day, he started to have bad dreams. In his bad dreams, he was attacked by the monsters. He was very scared and felt so lost. His father, Mr Hyder, advised him to read the three Qul surahs and to recite Ya Salaam to ask for Allah’s protection. Read the story to discover what happens after that.

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Story 8: Al-Malik – The One And Only King Of The Whole World

Someone Needs To Be In Control.

This story is about Adam who always has brilliant questions about the planets in the universe. He loved to listen to his teacher’s stories. One day, while learning and understanding about the universe, Adam was amazed at how the universe orbit in its order by itself. That led to an interesting discussion with his teacher in the classroom.

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Story 9: Al-Maliik – The King Of All King.

The King Of All Kings.

This story reminded us all about Firaun and Prophet Musa. It unfolded the history of King Firaun and his sorcerers. In the end, all his sorcerers were defeated by Prophet Musa. However, the focus of this story is about Allah as the Highest and Mightiest in Power of everything. Even though Firaun showed his power as a ruler of his kingdom, he could not overpower Allah the Magnificent and Mightiest.

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Story 10: Al-Qudduus – The Most Holy.

The Most Pure.

Soo Chee is a Chinese girl who loves to swim in the river near her home. Usually, the river is always clean and the water tasted so pure. But one day, she had a nightmare about the river.  She dreamt that the river was contaminated, and had turned dirty as she was swimming in it. She felt that she almost drowned in the dirty river before her mother came to her rescue. As she woke up from her dream, she wondered if the river was still pure and clean or had turned dirty. Her mother comforted her and said that everything in this world would turn dirty or bad eventually except Allah. So, Soo Chee and her mother put their hands together and prayed that Allah would keep the river clean and pure always.

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Story 11: Al-‘Aliy – The Most High.

The Highness.

Greed would bring one nowhere in this world or in the akhirah. Find out what happened to the elderly couple who were blessed with wealth. This story reminded us not to be greedy but to be grateful and thankful for what we have. We should be grateful to Allah for all His Blessings upon us.

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