Asmaaullaahil Husnaa Volume 2

Story 1: Al-Waahid – The One

The Only One Who Is Forever Unique

 Sheena liked to collect unique stuffs. One day she thought she had the most unique dress and she thought that she was going to win the Best Dress Award. However, she was very upset when she found out that one of her classmates had a better dress and received the award instead. She cried and her mom comforted her by saying that Allah is the Only One that is Unique in this whole wide world. None of the others can be more unique than Allah.

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Story 2: Al-Ahad – The Only One

The Only One In Power

 Grandma Khalifah had three grandchildren. One day, while they were playing, they fought about who should take the lead and make decisions.  There and then, Grandma Khalifah asked them to think about Allah as the Only One in Power. Since they were fighting to lead, Grandma Khalifah asked them to reflect on what if there were more than one God. So, she instilled the meaningfulness of having Only One God in Power.

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Story 3: Al-Witr – The Odd Numbered

Allah Is Odd And He Loves The Odd

 Furqaan was a special boy. He stammered and repeated himself when he speaks. He also had a split on his upper and lower lips. All his schoolmates always mocked at him including Shaheed. One day, Shaheed mocked at Furqaan and threw a stone onto his head. That upset Furqaan so much. Furqaan then went through a surgery to correct his lips. Furqaan’s lips became normal and he looked good. However, for a twist of fate, Shaheed fell down and hurt his lips. Now, Shaheed looked unpleasant and he felt guilty for all his misdeeds towards Furqaan.

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Story 4: Al-A’laa – The Most High

The Highest Among All

 Mdm Anisah had a very clever daughter, Afiqah. One day, they went up the Petronas Twin Towers and Afiqah asked if there was another building higher than that. Mdm Anisah mentioned the Burj Khalifah in Dubai as another higher building. But Afiqah kept on asking.  So, Mdm Anisah also mentioned to her daughter about the mountains and Allah as the Highest of all who created all. Even though human being can be great enough to create the high-rise buildings, they cannot beat Allah’s creations of the mountains. In fact, if we compare ourselves to the sky, we are just tiny human beings.

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Story 5: Al-Mawlaa – The Master

Allah Is The Only Master Hence Make Him Your Protector

Saad was a big bully in his school. One of the boys that he liked to bully was Kamal. One day, after being hurt by Saad, Kamal told his parents about it and his father went to school to report about Saad to the Principal. His father also told him to pray to Allah to keep protect him from anyone or anything bad in this world. In fact, Kamal’s father was not the only one who reported Saad to the principal. In the end, Saad was expelled from school and Kamal was saved from the big bully.

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Story 6: Al-Muta’aal – The Most High

The Most Noble, The Most High, The Excellence

Mdm Salbiah loved to read books about people around the world to her son, Fadhli. One day, while reading about the Noble Prize Winners, Fadhli discovered about Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Mother Theresa. He then asked Mdm Salbiah what was the meaning of noble and wondered if there were any noble Muslims in this world. Of course, Mdm Salbiah told his son about Noble Muslims such as the Prophet Mohammed (saw), his wife Khadijah and Umar Al-Khattaab and their noble deeds.

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Story 7: Al-Mukmin – The Faithful

Allah Will Keep Your Imaan If You Strongly Believe

Kayla was an orphan and a non-Muslim. This story tells us about how she discovered Islam and comes to believe in Allah. However, after converting to Islam, she had nightmares about men in throbes shovelling swords towards her. She then confided in her adopted mother, Mdm Salamah, who advised her to recite Ya Allah Ya Mukmin and to pray that Allah would keep her steadfast in her Islamic faith. Mdm Salamah also told Kayla that sometimes Allah would test our faith. After nights of reciting Ya Allah Ya Mukmin, Kayla finally had a comforting sleep.

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Story 8: Al-Qawiy – The Most Strong

The Strongest Of All

Mr Abdur Rahmaan was a father of two boys who loved everything about superheroes. In this story, Mr Abdur Rahmaan turned his children’s superhero frenzy into being Allah’s superheroes by doing good to aid the poor and weak as well as fighting shaitan who always tried to stop us from doing solah.

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Story 9: Al-Matiin – The Firm

The One Who Affirms The Mountain And Mankind

This is a story about a boy and his father’s journey through the mountains in Saudi Arabia. Throughout their journey, he wondered about the mightiness of the mountains and its creator. So, his father mentioned to him about Allah’s Might that affirms the mountains. His father also mentioned that without Allah we are just like a puppet lying down flat on the ground. Allah is the One who made us stand firm on the ground.

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Story 10: Al-Awwal – The First

The Beginner Of Everything

Hyder liked to be the first to begin everything.  However, that was not possible all the time. Sometimes he had to make way to for other students to be the opener to some events. Hyder would get upset if he could not be the opener. So, his mother advised him that Only Allah is the Beginner of everything. Allah is the First of all things and none can be ahead than Him.

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Story 11: Al-Aakhir – The Last

The Final One

Like most children, Fairoz did not like to be last in everything. However, he came in last in a race. During the race, Fairoz hurt his leg but he tried to finish the race while his friends cheered him up to the finishing line. In this story, it demonstrated the importance of perseverance and will-power to finish some things that you have started even though you are the last to complete it.

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