Issue No. 1

Hidayatullah Publishing House is happy to introduce its latest addition to our family – The Muslim Kids – is an Islamic magazine cum activity book for your children which are available now.

We believe that The Muslim Kids would help the parents and their children bond while they complete the activities together.

Also, for every issue, the content of the magazines will be filled with fun activities for your children to complete  as well as rhymes, short Seerah stories, and segments for them to learn simple Arabic through words recognition. There will be many other fun and educational segments in the magazine, of course.  We also included two sticker pages for the activities as well as reward stickers for your children to be motivated with it.

You may view the sample pages for each of the issues on this website.  We hope you would benefit with the activities with your child.  As a tip, some of the writing activities maybe easy for your child to do it on their own.  However, for the reading of short sentences, they may need your guidance as you expand their reading skills.  While for the more complex paragraph, it would be useful for you to read to your child and discuss it with them in order to build Islamic understanding on the topics within the issues.

Inshaallah we are also trying to produce another simpler version of activity magazines for the Nursery children which involves more of writing, matching, coloring, tracing with all Islamic pictures as well as Arabic letters and  many other activities.

We also look forward to create the jingles for the songs within these magazines and make it viral on the youtube.  Hence, we need your feedback and support throughout all of the process from the initial ideas, as you work with your child on the current issues as well as in terms of sales and distribution of our publications.

We look forward to your feedbacks and comments via our email at for us to improve our publications.  Should there be any issues pertaining to our publications or write up, you may also contact us at the email address as we know that we are not perfect and always keen to constantly learn from everyone and everything around us.   

To purchase Issue No. 1 you can make payment of SGD$7.00 including shipping.  Only applicable to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia addresses only.

Now on Offer!

Package 1: The Muslim Kids Issues 1 to 6 per package @ $30.00 including delivery.

Package 2: Asmaaullaahil Husnaa Volume 1 & 2 per package @ $35.00 including delivery.

Package 3: The Muslim Kids Issues 1 to 6 and Asmaaullaahil Husnaa Volume 1 & 2 per package @ $60.00 including delivery.